It’s April Suzanne

October 2023

+performance with rose and knife
+framed mirrors reflect projection
+custom sound
+steal chains
+jewels and gems

Change in life is guaranteed, but especially in a globalized world, where the movement of bodies across the globe is accelerated. Movement is a liberating force that allows us to escape dangerous circumstances, or follow our dreams elsewhere, but distance from our loved ones can be painful and sometimes permanent. As a response, our individual identities become divided amongst several polarities.

Having felt that, I ask myself, how can I be: an artist, a daughter, a lover, but all from a distance? More importantly, should I try? While searching for the answers, I’ve learned that certain circumstances are not in our control - war is suffering. But there is also an internal war in trying to appease inner conflicts that actually keep us stuck in circumstances we perceive to be out of our control. We may only find ourselves when we stop trying to fit the mold, or more over, the many molds in question.

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