If It Were a Movie We’d be In the Interlude

November 2023

+ resin
+ steel rods
+ stereo sound system
+ two stepper motors with adjustable rotation speeds
+ rocks
+ multi-color lighting

Synchronization of brain waves occurs between two individuals who share a common understanding. The circular motion of the two face molds represents time. Like the arrow of time, the faces always turn, synching in and out with each-other. The time based medium of movies, provides us with a story of character lives that weave together for a certain amount of time, but when that time is over movies leave us with an interlude.

Two face casts are rotated by stepper motors. Each stepper motor has an adjustable speed. The audience can interact with the speed of rotation, but consistent synchronization between the faces is not possible. What starts a synchronized movement, gets more and more organic as time passes by. Such can be said about how we interact.  There are times when our minds and feelings synchronize, but that ‘understanding’ is momentary.

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