Now You See Me Moria
Public Works

I-CAP | Illinois Climate Action Plan | 2020

A campus wide call to action and university carbon emission neutrality promise

STA 100 Winner | https://100.sta-chicago.org/winners/by-year/2020
Now You See Me Moria | 2021
A poster project raising awareness about the EU humanitarian crisis
Posters exbitied at : Stedelijk in Amsterdam, FOAM in Amsterdam,
Nederland Fotomuseum in Amsterdam, GETXOPHOTO festival in Getxo,
FOTODOK festival in Munich

Public Works
A community-focused art and design gallery in the heart of Chicago.

The Point of no Return is a social campaign and wearable art installation inspired by the rejuvenation of a world coming out of a global pandemic.
This collection is part of the gallery’s current winter 2022 initiative  “Point of N̶o̶ Return,” a series of art, experiences, street galleries, and apparel about perseverance and revival. It invokes the familiar, while acknowledging the sensations of newness that come along with the reinstatement of life as we all know it. In a culmination of art shows, music events, and apparel it urges Chicago’s people to taste the city again. The campaign reimagines Public Works through self-sufficient designs, and interpretive and provocative messaging. Imagery alludes to rebirth, astonishment, and the allure of ushering forward into a new era.